Monday, April 16, 2012

A little more Space Marine colors

Just a wee bit more colors on the Space Marine drawing

I love Atomic Robo! (featuring Doctor Dinosaur)

I love Atomic Robo. Atomic Robo represents what comics seem to have forgotten - fun. Whether this eighty-year-old invention of Nikola Tesla is battling giant robots with evil Nazi brains, running away from Cthonic monsters from outside of the universe, or rescuing soldiers from the vampire dimension, there's a feeling of fun and awesomeness permeating every page and line of dialog.

So here is Atomic Robo being pestered by his nemesis Doctor Dinosaur ("Crystals!").

Now do yourself a favor and go get your grubby hands on some Atomic Robo. Your "awesome meter" will thank you. And remember - always assume it's mummies until proven otherwise.

Polgara the Sorceress

The Belgariad/Malloreon series of books by David and Leigh Eddings are among my absolute favorite stories, and I consider Polgara to be one of the best literary creations of all time.

It took me forever to get a layout that I was comfortable with, but I think I finally got it.

This is a work-in-progress, which I intend to digitally paint.

Art Noveau Vampirella

Vampirella, done in the Art Nouveau style of Alphonse Mucha

I've been an admirer of his work for a while, and Vampirella just seemed like a character that would lend itself well to his style.

Done entirely digitally in Manga Studio 4 Debut.